January 2017 Team Nutrition Challenge

Janice Ferguson
July 31, 2023
January 2017 Team Nutrition Challenge

Need to get your diet back on track after the holidays? Our January Bandit CrossFit Nutrition challenge is just the right tool to help you achieve your goals!

Sign for the January 2017 Nutrition Challenge here: Bandit CrossFit Online Store

This challenge is designed for a team of TWO people. The team with the most points combined at the end of January will win a fabulous prize package from some of our favorite local businesses:

1. Run N-Tri: A custom shoe-fitting/gait analysis with a pair of FREE running shoes!
2. Paddles Up Paddleboard Rental and Sales: A $50 gift certificate to their shop full of paddle boards, clothing, accessories, and unique outdoors items!
3. Prep By KUG: A $30 gift card to purchase some paleo meals from the best Paleo chef on the Coast!
4. Gulf Coast Cryotherapy*: 5 Cryotherapy Sessions and 2 Normatec Sessions ($199 value)!
5. Bandit CrossFit: 6 InBody Scans ($294 value!)

*Also, Gulf Coast Cryotherapy will be lowering their prices to $25/Cryotherapy session for ALL of our competitors in the month of July. Did you know that you can burn up to 500 calories in one 3-minute cryotherapy session! Cryotherapy is great for recovery from training and injury, but it is ALSO a great way to complement your fat loss program!

How does it work?
This is not your typical weight loss challenge! It doesn’t matter how many overall pounds you lose! In our challenge, we will be taking initial InBody scans in the final days of December or early January. Our InBody scanner is not your typical weight scale–it’s a state-of-the-art body composition scanner that determines your total body fat, lean muscle, visceral fat, resting/base metabolism, hydration status, and more. There’s a lot of ways to earn points in our challenge! You can earn points by losing fat, gaining muscle, staying hydrated, increasing your BMR, working out, eating right, AND you will have a chance to earn some bonus points with social media challenges with our prize package partners each week.

The winning team will be the ones who have accumulated the most points throughout the month.

What is the Cost?
$100 for non members
$40 for Bandit members, use discount code*: NUTRITIONJAN17
*Discount code is for members only. If any non -members use this code to register, they will need to pay the additional $60 cost before we will include them in the challenge.
Note: Members may pair up with a non member for their teams. Registration is separate. You do not need your team mate’s information or payment to sign up.

What do you get for your money?
-(2) Before and After Inbody Scans
-Discounts on Cryotherapy Sessions at Gulf Coast Cryo
-Meal plans for every single day (based on the Whole 30 (Pale0) concepts)
-Grocery Lists
-Facebook Group dedicated to giving you even more recipes tips, and help through the challenge
-Fun, Accountability, Motivation, Improved Health (Priceless!!)

Want to sign up?
Visit our Front Desk Web site: Bandit CrossFit Online Store.
Look for the 2017 Nutrition Challenge, and sign up! Partners will sign up separately. There is no need to have your partner’s information with you. Once you’re signed up, we will put you in our challenge Facebook group, find out who your partner is, and group you together on our tracking spreadsheet.

Here’s a flyer with more details. Feel free to pass this around to your friends as you search for a partner:

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