Excuses or Results

Janice Ferguson
July 31, 2023
Excuses or Results

Written by: Janice Marie Ferguson

Contributor: Nate Pardee

People are changing their lives every day with support from their local CrossFit gyms. All of our members know this first-hand. The results we have seen are undeniable.

“It’s too expensive” is the number one pain point (excuse) for most potential clients we talk to. We respectfully disagree; It’s all about priorities. Many people have the room in their budgets, they just have to rearrange some of their spending habits.

Here’s 7 things that are also expensive:

  1. Unused gym memberships
  2. $100-$200/month of supplements
  3. Going out EVERY weekend
  4. $150/month on sugar-laden coffee/lattes/smoothies ($5 x 30 days = $150)
  5. Online shopping/ going to the mall every weekend
  6. Buying junk food every week
  7. Fast food stops 3+ times per week. (1 Big Mac meal= $6. $6x 30 days= $180)

Not only are some of these things draining to a bank account, but they are creating a negative impact on our physical health. Yes, CrossFit is more expensive than $10/month. But, CrossFit memberships provide much more than “access” to a gym facility—because to be fair, that is all that you are paying for when you join a regular gym: ACCESS. You get to go and use their stuff. It’s up to you to figure out how to use it. And if you want qualified help, you have to pay an additional $45 per hour for someone to help you. On the other hand, a higher-priced CrossFit membership is providing access not only to a gym facility, but also to world-class fitness and nutrition guidance. You have coaches to help you work out correctly and guide you through each workout. Each class consists of a small group, with each person doing exercises that fit their own needs and ability. These people become your friends, and family, and keep you accountable.

Sure, a $10 a month membership is very easy on the budget. You don’t have to rearrange your spending at all to sign up. But, is it working for you? Does the owner, trainers, (and members) of your $10/month gym even care that it is working for you? Do they call you and ask you where you’ve been after you lose your motivation? Do they walk you through your daily workouts EVERY DAY to make sure you are doing your workouts correctly? Do they provide you with a daily workout so that you don’t have to worry about what to do, how to modify, or how to work toward greater skill and strength? Does your gym provide nutrition support and guidance?

We don’t need an answer to that question. We already know.

CrossFit basic memberships and a regular gym access fee are not comparable services. Your CrossFit membership includes many more amenities that a gym access fee.

Our members don’t have to rely on themselves to stay motivated. They don’t have to wonder what they’re going to do at the gym each day. They don’t question if they’re doing an exercise correctly. They’ve learned healthy eating habits and have taken control of their own health and fitness. Those are some of the things they have paid for in their monthly CrossFit membership fee. And if you ask our members, many of whom have rearranged their budgets, that fee is WORTH EVERY PENNY.

*Krista Breeland receiving hands on coaching with her basic CrossFit membership fee.

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