Taylor Kendrick

Taylor Kendrick

Coach, CrossFit Level 1


Mile Time:  6:20

Murph w/vest 43:30


CrossFit Level 1

About Coach

I am 25 years old and I’ve been working for the Ocean Springs Fire Department for the past 4 years. I love being a Firefighter, it is very similar to CrossFit in my opinion. In the way that you have to be ready for anything. Before all that when I was in middle school I started running cross country and track and continue running throughout high school. The first thing that I felt like I was obsessed with was track. I was a pole vaulter. I loved it more than anything and was super competitive with it. It taught me how to be an athlete and how to work towards my goals. I went on to win 2 state championships and have my school's record. Now I help coach with the high school and still love it just as much, but now I crave the success of the kids I coach more than my own. When I was a kid my hero was my mom, she is the greatest person I’ve ever known. She never pushed me to do anything specific athletically but whatever I decided on she told me I was gonna give it all I had. She told me to try to get 1% better every day and it will add up over time. I took those lessons while I was running track, and also in my job and relationships. And now I will apply that to being a CrossFit coach and I am so excited about that!

Turning Point

In between graduating high school and finding my career was a large downhill in my life. I had dropped out of college and used the excuse of just feeling lost in life. This wasn’t the case at all, I had become a master at feeling sorry for myself. Regret had become my constant companion but I would do nothing to fix the failures in my life. I told myself I was all alone and didn’t need or want anyone to help me with life. Which was also a lie, I just wanted to feel sorry for myself. It started all turning around when I started surrounding myself with good friendships. I had reconnected with an old friend and he showed me that everything happens for a reason. That my failures should be taken as a time to grow and learn so I could truly become the man I was meant to be. My friendships had also given me the motivation to regain my faith in God one of my favorite quotes is “God doesn’t put you into situations that he doesn’t think you can handle, he just leaves it up to you on how you will handle it.” Now as an adult relationships and friendships are some of the most important parts of my life. That’s why I love CrossFit so much no matter how bad of a day you are having as soon as you step into the gym it all goes away. I’m surrounded by my friends, I’m surrounded by people who only want the best for you. I will always be grateful for my bandit family.

Motivation & Passion

I became a coach because over time I’ve learned that others' success is just as fulfilling as my own. I want to help people not only in becoming a better CrossFit athletes but in life too. I want people to be able to play better with their kids and families. Or be able to go kayaking or hiking or any of life’s adventures. I believe someone who is 80 years old can still be able to come into class and have a good workout. I stay motivated by trying to get better by 1% every day in the gym, in my relationships, and being a coach.

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