Patrick Prescott

Patrick Prescott

Coach, CrossFit Level 1

Squat 405

Bench 350


CrossFit level 1 Certified

CrossFit Kids Certified

Director in the Federal Government in Information Technology

About Coach

Dad of 6 working out is how my wife and our kids bond and to make working out a healthy habit. Been coaching and doing CrossFit for over 8 years. But before CrossFit, I always valued staying healthy and being physically active. CrossFit has been the perfect complement to our busy active lifestyle. I value taking what I have learned in CrossFit and try to bring that experience to every class and athlete I coach and try to allow it to make a difference in their life as it has changed mine.

Turning Point

You are healthy until you are not. Decisions and choices good and bad stay in front of my mind when sickness does come and it will come did I do all that I can to be as healthy as possible and hopefully fight off whatever illness comes our way? I have seen sickness take everything away from people I love. Staying healthy, and being a positive example for my family and friends are very important to me.

Motivation & Passion

Help others, make people better today than they were yesterday, and hopefully give them life tools, advice, and wisdom they can not only Usenet their life but share with their friends and family. Both good and bad habits can be contagious

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