Dena Guinn

Dena Guinn

HSN Certified Nutrition Coach

Deadlift 255.

Back Squat 205.

Proud of my ability to enter “the dark place” and push through it.

Pride myself on a Me VS Me attitude.


Healthy Steps Nutrition Coach

About Coach

I started my fitness journey in 2019 because I had let myself go. I was very unhappy with myself despite the fact life was great. I started with a “why” of looking better which turned into feeling better after I realized the gym helped a newly developed anxiety. My “why” has changed over the past few years from aesthetics to longevity. I’m a busy mom and it fills my cup to help others and show them that nutrition, fitness, & better health doesn’t have to be complicated. The saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup” reigns true in so many ways.

Turning Point

When I refer to “the dark place” it’s often a battle with myself. The point of quitting because everything in my body is telling me to quit, it hurts, I’m not good enough, etc. There is always that little voice that says “one more rep” and another… the satisfaction I get from that and having a Me VS Me outlook on my fitness journey has tremendously helped my anxiety and my self-confidence. After I married my wonderful husband in 2018 and we blended our families, I started struggling heavily with anxiety. For no apparent reason. I think I have always had it, a slight case of it, and always brushed it off and dealt with it as nerves. I let it get so bad that one day I left a buggy full of groceries in the store one day. I just walked out... At that moment I had two options- medication OR finding a way to deal with it on my own... enter CrossFit.

Motivation & Passion

I am impassioned to serve those who have often forgotten to fill their cup so that they can pour more into others. Longevity & Self Care, both mentally and physically.

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