Member Spotlight–Emily Cloud

Janice Ferguson
July 31, 2023
Member Spotlight–Emily Cloud

by Janice Ferguson, Director of Nutrition Programs

Our member spotlight for the month of June is on Emily Cloud! Emily started at Bandit CrossFit in October 2017 and for the past 8 months, she has been crushing her goals in the gym! The most dramatic progress came after she started a nutrition program with me in January.

Emily is a busy mom to three boys and a teacher at St. Patrick High School. Her busy lifestyle hasn’t stopped her dedication to her nutrition and fitness goals. This has become a lifestyle for her, and she is passing these healthy habits on to her children.

What has contributed to her success?? She is consistent with her food logging, and that allows us to really dial in what is working and what isn’t, which has led to her continued success each month. She is learning how to incorporate healthy habits amongst the chaos that is the “soccer mom” life!

We are very proud of all of her hard work and we are excited to share her success story with our community!

We do FREE consults for anyone interested in the secret to our members’ success, send us a note today, and we will be in touch ASAP! Get my FREE TOTAL FITNESS JUMP START NOW!

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