Bandit CrossFit WOD–Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Janice Ferguson
July 31, 2023
Bandit CrossFit WOD–Tuesday, February 3, 2015

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Class must start directly on the hour. If Crossover is not finished, you will need to skip it.

1: Metcon (No Measure)

Spend no more than 5 minutes finding the power position. This is the position we use to start all movement in the Bandit Barbell Warmups, AND the position you are supposed to be finding in the Squatting Quad Warm up when you are cued to go to “power” from the squatting quad.

2: Bandit Barbell Snatch Warmup (No Measure)


3: Snatch + OHS + Hang Snatch + OHS (10 minutes to work to heavy 1RM of the complex)

Bar can’t touch the ground for the entire complex.
Minimum of 5 attempts


4: Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)

AMRAP in 6 min:

12 Toes To Bar

24 Shoulder Taps

12 KB Thrusters (53/35)

Rest 6 min

AMRAP in 6 min:

15 Cal Row

5 Power Snatch (115/75)


Level 4: 50 Ft Handstand Walk

Level 2: Thrusters less than 53/35, snatch 95/55

Level 1: Hollow hold or tuck crunch, handstand hold or plank hold, KB/DB less than 53/35. Snatch 75/35 from the hang.


1. OK to use DB if not enough KB.

2. If needed, do hang power snatch.

3. If there is a large class, we will have one group start on Part 1, another start on Part 2. However you will need to make sure you have your equipment ready for both pieces.

4. Please work quickly to get your bars and kettlebells set up after snatch complex. WOD must be started by 35 minutes after class starts.

After Party

To be done after class on your own.

5: Banded Ring Press (3×7)

Develop Ring Handstand Pushups and Improve Shoulder Stability


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