Bandit CrossFit WOD–Monday, January 26, 2015

Janice Ferguson
July 31, 2023
Bandit CrossFit WOD–Monday, January 26, 2015

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1: Crossover Symmetry (No Measure)

2: Metcon (No Measure)

Find the static mid-hang snatch position with PVC.

Then, from the mid hang position, do the Jump Drill x 15

Mid Hang Points:

Vertical shins

Weight in the heel to mid-foot area

Slight bend in knees

Back is set tight with lumbar curve

Bar is on the mid thigh

Shoulders are slightly in front of bar and knees

Head and eyes are directed straight ahead.

When jumping, keep in mind:

Don’t use any countermovement, or shift to the balls of the feet, to jump vertically as high as possible. Hips are slightly hyperextended.

Both hips and knees are extended simultaneously.


3: Mid Hang Snatch Pull (3×5, with perfect technique)
Start with PVC, only move to bar if technique is perfect.

Cues to remember:

Start jump similar to motion in jump drill, but maintain control of the force to keep the feet in contact with the floor.

Use shoulders and lats to push the bar back against the body thorughout extension.


4: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

15 Minute AMRAP:

30 Burpee Step-ups 20″ (alternate legs)

40 OHS 45/35#

50 Double-Unders

If you don’t have double unders, do 50 singles. However, you owe me 5 minutes of double under practice after this workout.

6: 10 Ring Muscle Ups (Kipping) (Time)

Perform 10 Muscle Ups for time

First set should me ME UB.

Log your max UB in the comments.

For scaling options, use the Power Monkey Ring Thing
We just don’t have enough time in the day or week to work on everything. But, I don’t mind writing some extra things for you to do on your own time. If you are really wanting some extra work that can help, make an effort to do this. If you come to the gym early, you can do it as part of your individual warm up. You may also stay after class to do it.

Extra Work

5: Double Under 5 Min AMRAP (AMRAP – Reps)

Do as many Double Unders as you can in 5 minutes.


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