Bandit CrossFit–Regionals-worthy?

Janice Ferguson
July 31, 2023
Bandit CrossFit–Regionals-worthy?

BANDIT owner and head coach, Janice Marie Ferguson, competing in the 2012 CrossFit Games South Central Regional competition.

One of my goals as a gym owner is to qualify a team for the CrossFit Games Regionals competition. The only way we can get there is to qualify through the upcoming CrossFit Open. (Register Jan. 15, first event announced Feb. 27., last event announced March 27. See details: 2014 CrossFit Games Open and Regionals Schedule

It will take ALL of us to achieve this goal. During the five weeks of the CrossFit Open, the top three men and women’s scores in our gym will be taken each week and compared against the top three men and women in the other gyms throughout our region. I know many of you think that this means the ones who are always at the top will be the only contributors. But, this isn’t necessarily true. The workouts that we do in our daily training are MUCH more difficult and MUCH higher-skilled than what you will see in the Open. You don’t know it, but I have been preparing ALL of you–ALL YEAR LONG for this singular goal: QUALIFY A TEAM FOR REGIONALS. You should all know by now, that CrossFit is so diverse. We all have strengths and weaknesses–depending on the workout. So trust me when I tell you, that all of YOU can help us get there! While it is certainly true that we have members of our gym that are certainly more well-rounded, and who spend much more time training and working toward competitive CrossFit goals than others, you never know what the Open workouts will be, and what weaknesses will be exposed. Any of you could very well be one of the top three scoring members of the week.

If we qualify for regionals, that means four guys and four ladies will be traveling to San Antonio in May to represent Bandit CrossFit amongst the fittest CrossFit affiliates in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

One more thing: Even though I believe anything is possible, I am not naive to the fact that qualifying for regionals in 2014 is a long shot this year, as we are still a very young gym. 2015, you better watch out! However, I think it is a very realistic goal for us to shoot for claiming the Fittest Affiliate on the Mississippi Coast for this year. So, let’s get to work. Over then next couple of months, we are going to be working hard, and doing some serious gut-check workouts. It’s time to take all this strength we’ve been gaining in what is known as the CrossFit “off-season,” and step it up. PS: April would be a great time for you to plan a 5k, 10k, half marathon, mud race, etc. We are about to peak, and you are going to be in the best shape of your LIFE!!

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